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Monday, 26 March 2012

My New Blog Has Arrived!

This is about the third blog I've started recently, just don't seem to be able to keep up to date with them, so have made myself a promise that I will regularly update this one!
As you can see from the title its going to be a little bit of musings about my life in Devon, which I have decided is the best place I have lived in the UK! Especially on a day like today when there is glorious blue skies and warm sunshine.

Will be attending to my urgent need for a walk to the seafront later where I will take some more pictures of the beautiful scenery around here and of my beautiful girlies, Mia and Meg (and possibly of the DH depending on what mood he arrives home from work in!), some of which might end up here!

For now I am going to enjoy some me time and carry on with a crochet blanket I am making for niecey Y and might re-do the blanket I'm making for Y's big brother A. Pictures will follow of the progess I'm making on these two blankets and also the other few projects I've got going on!

Anyway for now I am going to relax so keep smiling & enjoy that sunshine!

Mari x

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